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Want to lower your electric bill and cool off your home all at an affordable price?
Install a Greenlows Attic System and begin the savings today!

Before you paint your attic or pay a fortune for high pressure salesman offering gimmick products, take a bit of time to compare the different reflective products, their performance and their price before making your decision. After you consider your options, we're sure you'll be convinced to install a Greenlows Attic System or at least opt for the foil radiant barrier. A Greenlows Attic System offers the highest performance radiant barrier system at the best price and can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

Why is the Greenlows system so effective? Our system is better because our combination of products and services maximizes attic efficiency like no other. We'll optimize ventilation, install a foil radiant barrier stapled against the rafters of your attic, AND if necessary add insulation at an incredible price.

So why don't the big companies you hear on the radio offer the foil? The spray barrier competition cannot afford to offer foil because it takes too long to install to be profitable enough to cover their huge overhead demands such as massive advertising campaigns. They only offer Radiant paint because the labor times to install are so much quicker than foil. It's incredibly profitable but blocks 22% less heat than radiant foil. That's why they have so much $$$ to advertise!! Again, the bottom line is our product reflects 97% of the radiant heat vs. 75% for reflective paint. We challenge you to call 5 Air Conditioning companies right now and ask them which product is more effective in an attic: foil or paint. Unless they offer radiant spray paint you'll get an answer of foil every time.

Quick Fact: RIMA (Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association) does NOT classify reflective paint (AKA radiant barrier paint) as a radiant barrier because IT DOES NOT REFLECT MORE THAN 90% OF THE RADIANT ENERGY. They classify reflective paint as a REFLECTIVE COATING. The definition of a radiant barrier is any product that reflects 90% or more of the radiant energy that hits it. The ads you hear from spray contractors on the radio are offering a radiant barrier when in fact you are getting a reflective coating. Call us for a 97% radiant barrier. We have always offered ventillation adjustments/enhancements (crucial to cooling an attic) and extra insulation with our system. You have to because our installers make tracks in your attic packing down parts of your attic and compromising the performance of the existing insulation. We cover our tracks and add more. The goal is to make sure your home meets the U.S. Dept. of Energy's recommendations of a mimimum R-value of R38 for North Texas.

If you don't call us for a quote, call a foil contractor and INSTALL THE FOIL. You'll be glad you did.

Greenlows was formed to compete directly with the high volume, high profit reflective coating paint business in DFW. From an advertising marketing perspective, we can't compete but when you consider our attic system vs. reflective paint, they can't compete. Consumers who do their homework will learn the fundamental differences between the two and realize the value we provide: a foil radiant barrier system at less than a radiant paint price. We have been featured installers on Youtube by Atticfoil.com.

Our price in most cases BEATS the spray companies. They can offer half off of this, free that, blah blah blah the bottom line is the price at the bottom of the quote is normally a bit higher than ours. And we're not even comparing apples to apples. Foil is much harder to install and is 22% better. By beating the spray companies pricing and offering much better products, it makes the decision a "no brainer".

This process is tough, dirty, dangerous, time consuming work that we gladly do every day. This combination of products and services is what will help our customers save up to 30% on their energy bills. If you are going to make this investment, do your homework and do it right! Call us today for a free consultation at 877-851-3254.