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That is great. Thank you. Like I had said in my voice mail before – we couldn’t be happier with the true radiant barrier that you installed. We have seen actual savings in energy usage of 25-30% less than the same months last year. Our house stays cooler longer and the AC unit isn’t constantly running. We have actually had to change our thermostat settings to higher temps because our house stays cool when it cools down versus losing the cool air so quickly like it used to. The net of it all is that the entire home ventilation and barrier solution you provided us has resulted in much lower utility bills. You and your partner did a fabulous job and we couldn’t be happier. At this rate it’s going to pay for itself in no time.

Thanks again.


Derek (Dallas)

FYI yesterday the temperature outside was 100 in allen when i got home at 4pm (June 26th) MY main attic, with radiant barrier, proper ventilation and solar fan... a UNBELIEVEABLE 105 degrees. Only a 5 degree difference from outside to inside the attic and the unit i use is remote weather station temperature, so very accurate.
I thought you may be interested on how my attic performed, I will advise on next months Electric Bill. Thanks again!


Hey Chris,
Here's a temperature update from us.
At 4:15 PM ... after several hours of full sun on the attic:
Outside temperature = 106.0 deg F
Attic temperature = 114.5 deg F
Measured with the same thermometer.
Pretty amazing!

Michael (Murphy, TX)

I'm very picky and was thoroughly pleased with Greenlows. They showed up on time, installed everything in a timely manner, then cleaned up very well. They also found a big leak in one of my ducts which was a huge energy waster. That's why my attic was semi cool. Yikes. My kilowatt usage was 30% less than two years ago, i don't count last year cause it rained all summer. I couldn't be happier and I'm glad I didn't do the spray paint.

-William, Colleyville TX

I googled radiant barrier installers and had a lot of companies come out and do estimates. A lot of them seemed really sketchy and quoted either sky high prices or prices that seemed too good to be true that were light on details. Chris at Greenlows came and did an estimate for me. Not only was the price pretty good, but he made a lot of recommendations, and really seemed to understand how attics work, in terms of getting rid of heat. We ended up getting radiant barrier, a lot more insulation blown in, a lot more soffit vents installed, and 2 solar attic fans to replace the whirly vents that were up there. The "system" was installed in March 2012, right before summer really started, and it made a huge difference in my kilowatt usage. But beyond that, my air conditioner can actually keep up with the heat of Texas' summer, so the house is actually comfortable. That's worth a lot more than even the kilowatt savings.

-Chris, Plano TX

I researched radiant barrier and decided on what appeared (and I believe is) to be the best foil product out there. They recommended Greenlows as a local installer. I had a few bids but Greenlows was the best price and most professional. They did an awesome job putting foil all over my oversized attic. They also added blow-in insulation per my request. They were fast, professional, and communicated well. Foil + additional insulation reduced my attic temps but most importantly reduced my upstairs temp enough where my HVAC wasn't running all the time. I was able to cool down by at least another 2-3 degrees F which I wasn't able to do before. My energy costs had to have gone down but honestly I was looking more for HVAC system reprieve (and a cooler house) than I was reduced electric costs. I can't recommend the guys enough. I have several friends who have already used them, and I called them back out for another project last year.

Ken, Allen TX

Chris/Greenlows installed the radiant foil, solar attic fan and additional insulation in my attic. I did not record temperatures but I can tell you it is a lot cooler in my attic and even in my garage both of which were stifling hot before the install. I could not see to keep my house cool and now I can no problem. Everything was professionally done and quality of work was Great. Thanks Chris!

-John Shepard, Sachse

I am very happy with the work performed by Greenlows. I had radiant barrier installed in my 80's ranch of about 2,000 sf. Because it was hot outside, we agreed they would start in the early morning. They showed up at the time we agreed and were done in about 3-4 hours. The team was courteous, efficient, and cleaned up after themselves. While I might have been able to install it myself, I sure wouldn't have been able to move as quickly as they did. The price was very competitive and the materials are of excellent quality. The radiant barrier went in last year and I noticed that house was more evenly cooled and heated. I attribute the big dent in my energy bills to this excellent product and quality install. Thanks Greenlows!

-Johnathan B, Irving TX

Chris/Greenlows installed radiant foil barrier in the attic of my 1927 Dallas home in June 2011, the week before the record temperatures of the summer of 2011 began. Chris and his crew were prompt and professional and completed the job on schedule. The price was very fair. Even with the record temperatures that ensued right after installation was complete, my electric bill for the year was reduced by 50% over the previous year; I was actually cold in the house if I kept the thermostat at the previous levels! The foil barrier is also a help in the winter, as it prevents the loss of heat through the attic. While you have Chris there, get a solar powered attic exhaust fan installed as well, which will help in the summers to reduce attic temps. This is something everyone should do (but let Chris/Greenlows do it, or you may step through your ceiling a couple of times like my son-in-law did trying to do this job himself....).

-Janey P, Dallas TX

Greenlows installed attic foil in my home and it lowered my inside temps by 3 degrees during the summer. Excellent performance for the price. Highly reccomended!

-Zachary Threadgill, Plano TX

We are very pleased with the fine workmanship of the Greenlows company.Greenlows installed radient barrier on the rafters, added more blown-in insulation, installed ridge vents, two more wind turbines, and several more soffet vents. It was a pleasure to work with Chris and Sam in every respect: great communication,very hard workers, always on time, and quality installers.

-Greg Stewart, Dallas TX