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We estimate our projects based on several factors: the approximate square footage of the home, the difficulty of the install, the labor time involved with installing everything on the scope of work, and the expenses involved with installing at your home. Here is a general guide for our pricing. Keep in mind that the more products and services you combine together the better price we can offer due to efficiencies in labor time.

Foil including installation: .50 to .75 a square foot
Fiberglass Insulation $750 for 10 bags
Cellulose Insulation $650 for 30 bags
Solar Fans $350 and up based on model
Power Fans w/thermostat $250 and up based on model
Wind Turbines $125
Passive Vents $50-$100
Ridge Vents $15 lineal foot
Soffit vents $15 each $20 for second story
Attic Tent $199