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Return on Investment

The neat thing about installing a Greenlows Radiant Barrier Attic System into your home is that you can't block anymore heat, insulate any better or ventilate any more air. In most cases, you've maximized the potential of your attic to save energy dollars. Savings will differ from home to home. There are a lot of variables that go into savings but the bottom line is if all variables remain constant from year to year, that being temperature, amount of sunlight, price of electricity or gas, thermostat temperature constant, (impossible) the customer WILL save energy dollars. Anywhere from 10-30%. The average savings is around 17% for our customers.

Most of our customers have calculated the ROI anywhere between 2 and 3 years.

Because our price is so competitive and our products so effective, our ROI is much quicker than the competition. And this Return on Investment is enhanced by the fact that once you recoup your investment the savings will continue indefinately.